GRL PWR Denim Iron-on Patch

GRL PWR Denim Iron-on Patch

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GRL PWR embroidered, iron-on patch, it can be used on hats, jackets, bags, backpacks, just about anything you can think of!


- 2.2” Square, sew-on/iron-on


1.) Set iron on the "Cotton" setting ( DO NOT USE STEAM) :)
2.) Keep it on Med/high Heat
3.) Place the patch on the spot where you want it
4.) Press iron firmly down on top of patch for 35-45 seconds
5.) Let it cool for a few minutes.
6.) Check patch to see if it adhered, if not repeat steps 4,5,6.
For an extra secure hold, it's always best to sew your patch around the edges after it's been ironed.